Chairman of the Board

President, Jishugakkan Japanese Language School

Junharu Yamaguchi

Message from the Chairman of the Board

 The school was established in 1989 to teach Japanese to young people from overseas who wished to study at graduate schools and universities in Japan.

 Language is one of the most important means of bringing countries and people together. It also connects people's hearts. In this age of internationalisation, language plays a vital role and is indispensable.

 Our graduates go on to study at graduate schools and universities, and after graduation they use their Japanese language skills and expertise to work for Japanese companies or return to their home countries to pursue international activities in their respective fields.

 Japan has achieved economic development and become a developed country. However, there is still much to learn from the world, past and present. On the other hand, I believe that young people from overseas can also learn from Japan. Japan has a lot to offer to the world, not only in terms of economy, but also in terms of nature and culture. We hope that you will come to Japan to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of your choice and establish the basis for your future career.

 The aim of the school is to train students not only in the study of Japanese language, but also in the understanding of Japanese culture and customs, so that they can contribute to the international community in the future. We hope that you will study at our school with the aim of becoming an international person in the future.